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The purpose of this page is to compile ALL data for the constituents of the State Senate, State Rep & City Council Districts.
Elections Statistics, Registered Voters to date for the 3rd District only , Elected Officials, Area Maps, Offices up for Re-Election, Felon Information all with intent to inform you and hope that you see the importance of Your Vote at each election, School, Primary & General Elections. Know that Your Vote Do Count!!!!!! 
It is extremely important these days for you to know as much about the political process and your elected official. It is equally important to know about where they stand on issues, policies that is directly affecting you, your family and your quailty of life. We are providing on this page some of the basic information. The names of your political representatives, contact information and maps for the 3rd District. Please remember that when You & I vote for a candidate we have hired them to represent us and have Our best interest at heart. Therefore you have to pay attention to their Report Card! Choose Wisely! 

Example of reading your Voter Registration card: You are in District ----Electorial District(ED):11 Representative District(RD):02 that is

ED 11-RD 02

1st State Senatorial Legislative District, Senator Harris B. McDowell

Office # 302—744-4147-email address   Harris.McDowell@state.de.us

No further information


2nd State Senatorial Legislative Dist-Darius J. Brown

Office # 302-744-4286---email address is darius.brown@delaware.gov
2nd Senatorial District North--State Senator 2nd Legislative District 

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Election District Map  go here


3rd  State Senatorial Legislative District, Elizabeth Lockman
Office 302-744-4286 --email address  elizabeth.lockman@delaware.gov

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No further information


1st State Representative Dist - Nnamdi O Chukwuocha Office- 302-744-4351 email- nnamdi.chukwuocha@delaware.gov

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Election District Map go here


2nd State Representive Dist- Stephanie T. Bolden  

Office # 577-8476---Home # 428-1269---email address is stephaniet.bolden@delaware.gov

Website is http://www.stbolden.org   

2nd District State Representative, go here

Election District Map, go here


3rd State Representative District  Sherry Dorsey
Office 302-744-4351

email address go here
No further information
3rd Dist map 

1st City Councilmanic District   
Office 302-576-2140
No further information

2nd City Councilmanic District  Councilman Trippi Congo
Office 302-576-2140
No further information

3rd City Councilmanic District- Councilwoman Zanthia Oliver

3rd District City Councilwoman, go here Election District Map go here

Office# 576-2140---Home # 302-519-5584    cell --email address is zloliver@WilmingtonDE.gov
Boundaries for the 3rd are between 9th & 26th St, Market St & Bowers St 

4th City Councilmanic District  Councilwoman Michelle Harlee
Office 302-576-2140
No further information
5th City Councilmanic District  Councilman Va’shun Turner
Office 302-576-2140
No further information

6th City Councilmanic District  Councilwoman Yolanda McCoy
Office 302-576-2140
No further information

You are in the New Castle County District 4 for the map go here

New Castle County 4th District, County Councilman Penrose Hollins, email here or (302) 395-8344



New Castle County DOE





Felons are eligible to vote if they meet the following requirements:
Delaware State Title15, Chap 61-6101 etc. Registration for Former Felons online document go here

To determine if you are eligible please contact (302) 739-4277.

REMEMBER! Your vote does not have to be for someone, but it can be used to vote against someone

and Remember this, You may not have all the power you may want, but You do have all the power you need!

To contact Dept of Elections via website go here

More Updates Coming!!!