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How many of our black elected officals have been grooming and mentoring potenial candidates to take over their seat when they decide to retire or for some other reason?

My guess is as crooked as some have been doing the right thing; would be too right...

A sad downfall within Our Community.


City Council Member Committees Elected Official Oath of Office
Department of Election Information
Sam Guy
Rysheema Dixon
Voting District Information
State Senator Margaret Rose Henry
Zanthia Oliver
You be the judge!!!!!!
Democrat or Republican
State Rep ST Bolden dilemma's
State Rep Charles Potter, Jr.
State Rep Stephanie T. Bolden
I am very concerned when an elected official does not provide a email address or phone number for a personal contact. Preferably a email address for the paper trail.

Your city councilperson,(to the mayor's office) county councilperson, state representative and state senator is your representative- your voice and liaison advocate. Expect and accept nothing less!

Also be advised you have four (4) city council members At-Large that also represent You. Councilman Sam Guy & Ciro Adams, Councilwoman Rysheema Dixon & Loretta Walsh.

Wilmington City Council 2017 Year in Review



"The art of leadership is in the ability to make people want to work for you, while they are really under no obligation to do so. Leaders are people, who raise the standards by which they judge themselves and by which they are willing to be judged."

11-27-2017 Former 3rd District City Councilperson and former State Tresurer candidate Darius Brown announces his run for Senator Margaret Rose Henry's seat

9-29-2017 Council greater accountability and transparency

9-6-2017 Report of city council size reduction recommendation see the report here

9-6-2017 Editorial Do you want fewer school districts, read further here

8-30-2017 Access to Justice Commission Policing Survey, go here.

8-25-2017 City Council issues a statment in regards to attempted shooting of Wilmington Police Officers To my recollection I do not recall city council members or any elected official (State Reps or State Senators) issuing a statement in regards to ANY of the shooting or homicides in the city to date. KINDA MAKES YOU WONDER! For the record I am not saying that the shooting of police officers do not matter, but what I am saying is that ALL LIVES MATTER. And that our elected officials should take to the streets often denouncing all of the violence just as hard as they be out there campaigning for OUR VOTE! Your thoughts go to and drop a line.

I found this article dated March 11, 2011 written by then AG Beau Biden AG's office has smoothed path for citizens' inquiries

8-14-2017 AG's office Council regularly violates open meetings law. One small step

8-4-2017 Editorial Audit is good

8-1-2017 Mayor Purzycki says city's discretionary spending process must change

8-1-2017 Hanifa Shabazz :I stand by the grant to my predecessor

With the way everything has been going down, it is understandibly clear now why they (those that voted to censure) Councilman Guy wanted too. I feel this is also the work of a leak and or a set up. It does not matter with the condition the city is in with decaying streets, water lines and the increase in property and utility taxes; they have lost their minds. Make them pay every penny back and yes pursue legal charges on all involved. My thoughts JGT Dennis

7-31-2017 With spotlight on $40k grant, Wilmingtonians call for audit

7-31-2017 Seems like to me Councilman Sam Guy needs to prepare to run for the Council President seat in 2020. He has really disclosed much of what we have not known, and about the most honest above board official sitting at council. My thoughts JGT Dennis

July 28, 2017 Wilmington council president gave $40,000 in taxpayer money to predecessor.

July 27, 2017 Mayor Purzycki release his discretionary spending data

July 27, 2017Mayor Purzycki releases his administrations discretionary spending information from January 2017 to June 2017

July 26,2017 Former Council President Gregory : "My Wilmington discretionary spending was justified".

July 25, 2017 An outsider with a good idea get rid of the discretionary funds

July 21, 2017 7th District City Councilman Bob Williams: Require public meetings for discretionary funds

July 20, 2017 Council President states: "discretionary funds has highest standards." ! that depends on where you are sitting.

July 18, 2017 WPD meet at the Pal Center with 1st District residents "Give me a chance" and why not, we the community needs to step up.

July 16, 2017 Open up city council funding process

July 14, 2017 City Council shows little oversight with discretionary fund

On April 20,2017 Gwendolyn Adams I believe is the first I believe of many to request the resignation of Councilwoman President H. Shabazz in fact I believe she was put in the position to be used as Brother Dwight L. Davis stated about the destruction of black men here in the city of wilmington; failing while being used for the agenda of controling and taking back the city. My opinion!

On April 6,2017 8 City Council members (Shabazz, Oliver, McCoy, Dixon, Walsh, Freel, Adams, and Chukwuocha all voted to "censure" Councilman Guy for what they called inoppropiate behavior, are they serious? Turner, Williams, Harlee, Congo and Guy voted No, like no way!

On March 9,2017 Councilman Sam Guy presented a document that will be going forward in regards to the City of Wilmington various departments to inform information to the neighborhood planning councils, civic associations in advance about development that is to take place in the communites. More often this information is not known by the communities only 7-14 days out. this short period of time does not allow the communites to respond, not provide ampel time for developers to attend NPC's or CA's to present their intent for that neighborhood. see ordinace #4336 see reading at Community Development & Urban Planning meeting


Your Voting Information


NOTA None of the above, this is something I feel should be included on the ballot. Just like I feel independents should be allowed to vote in the primary elections here in the state of delaware. NOTA is something that would allow the constituent to vote if there is no one on the ballot that they want to vote for. This would allow a person to vote say the only candidate on the ballot is a candidate that has been unopposed for many terms. We have in this state and city candidate that has been sitting in a seat for years. many like myself will not vote for the candidate because they do not suit my needs or feels as though they totally respresent the people. So to allow me the right to vote; having placed on the ballot would be NOTA that would allow that one vote I have for that office(seat) to be granted. as it is if that is the case and in many cases it is, most people do not have the chance to excercise their right to vote. Unfair! NOTA would send a clear message to that candidate that those in that district are not satisfied with their respresentation.




Brother Minister Farrakhan said it best " most of the leaders are hand picked by the very enemy that we trying to get free from" hear more here

Response to Pres. Obama from Minister Farrakhan about his legacy!


None of the above

NOTA facebook

The case for putting None of the Above on the ballot





Last updated November 7, 2017